The Chicken or the Egg?

Fr. Paul explains the terms flock and sheep and the problem individualism poses for our hearing of Scripture. (Episode 32)


Who is the Adversary of Whom?

Fr. Paul explains the meaning of the name Job. (Episode 31)


The Maskilim

Fr. Paul explains the meaning of the term maskilim in the Bible. (Episode 30)Listen:

Flip of the Coin

Fr. Paul explains the function of chosenness in the Bible. (Episode 29)Listen:

To Be, or Not to Be?

Fr. Paul discusses the biblical term exist and the problem of its conflation with the verb “to be.” (Episode 28)


King David

Fr. Paul discusses the meaning and development of King David’s character in the storyline of the Bible. (Episode 27)Listen:

Eden and the Four Rivers

Fr. Paul discusses the four rivers that flow out of biblical Eden. (Episode 26)Listen:

Lost in Translation

Fr. Paul explores the versatility of the term Eden and the loss of its literary interconnection in translation. (Episode 24)



Fr. Paul talks about shepherdism in Greater Syria and its significance for the Bible. (Episode 24)


Judges 2:10-23

Fr. Paul discusses Judges 2:10-23. (Episode 23)