Fr. Paul explains the significance of the word shem in the biblical tradition. (Episode 38)


No Better Establishment

Fr. Paul explains how the biblical story does not propose a better establishment. (Episode 36)


The Purpose of the Greek Epics

Fr. Paul explains the purpose of the Greek epics and the way in which the biblical story pushes back. (Episode 35)


Scripture as a Totality

Fr. Paul reviews interconnected terminology, geographic references, and narrative themes in the Bible that point to Scripture as a totality. (Episode 34)

This week’s episode falls on the occasion of Fr. Paul’s 75th birthday. Happy Birthday, Abouna!



Fr. Paul provides an overview of the term shamar in the book Genesis. (Episode 33)Listen:

The Chicken or the Egg?

Fr. Paul explains the terms flock and sheep and the problem individualism poses for our hearing of Scripture. (Episode 32)


Who is the Adversary of Whom?

Fr. Paul explains the meaning of the name Job. (Episode 31)


The Maskilim

Fr. Paul explains the meaning of the term maskilim in the Bible. (Episode 30)Listen:

Flip of the Coin

Fr. Paul explains the function of chosenness in the Bible. (Episode 29)Listen: