Wisdom Bears Repeating

Whether by instinct or experience, our minds construct a subjective model of the world around us in order to ensure our survival. In terms of risk mitigation, this system is efficient and effective. For example, if a loud noise in the dark resembles your idea of an approaching bus, even if it turns out to be something else, it is safer to assume the worst, so you step back onto the sidewalk. But what happens when our personal truths come into conflict with the common good? What if it is necessary to risk being on the road despite the perceived danger of an approaching bus? Language provides both the map and the lifeline that transcend personal truth to facilitate shared meaning.

Words allow a third party to challenge your map of reality. Even as you jump to safety, someone shouts, “child!” At first, your personal truth fights against this word, because your body has evolved to seek safety. Again, someone repeats the message, “my child is on the road!” Suddenly, their words break through your perceptions, changing your understanding of reality. Against every instinct, you step in front of the (assumed) bus to save the child.

Words bridge the immense chasm between our egos to create community. Words are the chief instrument of love. Words make wisdom possible. In the face of many personal realities and an ocean of competing words, the Word of God’s wisdom bears constant repetition. Richard and Fr. Marc discuss Mark 10:32-44.

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Episode 181 Mark 10:32-44; Subscribe: http://feedpress.me/the-bible-as-literature; “Skye Cuillin” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com (http://incompetech.com/)) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http:// creativecommons .org/ licenses /by/3.0/

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