We Are Judas

When Scripture deals with any sin, our natural reaction as human beings is to look around and single out others for committing that sin. Once this happens, it’s not long before we accuse or abuse others in the name of righteousness, or worse, as in the case of World War II, accuse and shame people of a specific religious or ethic group, committing unspeakable horrors against them in the name of the Bible. This behavior continues today against many peoples and many religions, and is exactly the behavior that Mark condemns in his account of Judas’ treason.

In the Bible, it’s not about who you are or what you believe; it’s about how you choose to behave once you have been chosen to hear the Good News of God’s teaching.

Once we have received the Gospel of Mark, we have been called. If we are called and subsequently turn our back on God by mistreating others, then, truly, we are Judas and we have betrayed Jesus Christ. Given the magnitude of Judas’ mistake, this should give all of us pause; God willing, such a long pause that we would think twice before our next action.
Do we welcome immigrants and foreigners with open arms? Do we zealously pursue peace in the face of violence? Do we show mercy toward those who have been accused? Most importantly, do we recognize our own sins before looking to anyone else?

A life committed to the teaching of Jesus Christ is a fruitful life well worth living, because it is given in service to mercy, charity, hospitality and compassion toward others for the sake of the common good.

Richard and Fr. Marc discuss Mark 14:17-21

This week’s episode is followed by a special interview with Fr. Paul Nadim Tarazi about his new book, The Rise of Scripture.

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