The People’s Hero

People read religious and philosophical symbols into the Bible all the time. They study other traditions or the symbols of ancient mythologies and jump to conclusions, reading biblical metaphor against a non-biblical context. Worse, they make horrific assumptions about the supposed continuity between these traditions and the biblical tradition. God forbid.

When the Bible employs such symbols from the ancient world, it does so, not to endorse, but to co-opt in order to make its own point. For the Magi, this point is clear: the truth is definitely not in our stars, but in the hand of the one who both made the stars and controls them, the Father of righteousness.

Richard and Fr. Marc discuss Matthew 2:1-3.


Episode 230 Matthew 2:1-3; Subscribe:; “Pale Rider” Kevin MacLeod ( ( Licensed under Creative Commons: B.y Attribution 3.0 License http:// creativecommons .org/ licenses /by/3.0/

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