Remedial Prophecy


“Obey everything [your teachers] teach you, but do not do as they do, for they do not practice what they teach.” (Matthew 23:3) Like the warning, “do not judge,” (Matthew 7) this beautiful admonition is often abused to lessen the burden of our accountability as disciples. We do not want to be corrected, so we say “who are you to judge?” Likewise, we do not like the pressure a teacher places on us, so we complain about the teacher’s example, “why should I listen to someone who can’t follow their own advice?” But for those who submit to the biblical God, both questions are wicked and betray a latent disrespect for the Lord’s authority. The admonition, “do not judge,” is not for everyone. It’s for you. So too, the instruction relayed by a teacher and the pressure placed on you, are a gift, to you. The teacher is just the courier. If a letter from Almighty God, “Dear you, you may not become a mailman,” is carried to you by a mailman, would you tell God, but he’s a mailman? Yes, you would, and that’s your problem. You could learn a thing or two from the gentile sailors in Jonah.

Richard and Fr. Marc discuss Jonah 1:11-17.


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