Happily Ever After?

In this week’s episode, Richard and Fr. Marc reflect on the parable of the wedding feast in the gospel of Matthew. When the host’s invitations are rejected by his would be guests–some of whom went so far as to mistreat and then murder his servants–it seems obvious why some are chosen and others are cast out. You’d think the host would be happy to call those who come to the feast his friends. You might also imagine that those who accepted the invitation are better off than those who acted out of selfishness and spite. Unfortunately for all of us, a friend in Matthew is not a friend, the good and the bad are both on the guest list, and the dinner jacket you need is not in your closet. (Episode 35)

Listen: https://tracking.feedpress.it/link/15937/4805982/hipcast-10402-u-389721-s-1.audio.mp3

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