God Will Establish

In the first section of the genealogy in Matthew, the story behind the names helps readers piece together the puzzle of the book’s teaching; but what about the last section? What can be understood from a list of names with no backstory? If you think of names personally, yes, they are useless. On the other hand, if you think of them as functions; if you examine their Hebrew roots; if you remember that there are no capital letters in the original languages; if you read the words on the page as literature; the meaning of these names tells the story of God’s victory in the Bible. In keeping with the storyline of Matthew 1, that these names appear without infrastructure is par for the course.

Richard and Fr. Marc discuss Matthew 1:12-16.

Listen: https://tracking.feedpress.it/link/15937/9252196/TBAL%20Episode%20227.mp3

Episode 227 Matthew 1:12-16; Subscribe: http://feedpress.me/the-bible-as-literature; “Special Spotlight” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com (http://incompetech.com/)) Licensed under Creative Commons: B.y Attribution 3.0 License http:// creativecommons .org/ licenses /by/3.0/

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