Biblical Knowledge

Dear parents, children and teens,

The Ephesus School presents a tremendous opportunity for those who want a top quality church school education for themselves and their children.

Knowledge of the Bible leads to everything, including growth and development in the social and technical sciences. A sound understanding of Scripture is almost always followed by social and intellectual renascence in all areas of human knowledge. Much more than this, unlike self-serving human wisdom(s), the wisdom of God is given to safeguard life for all time and for all of creation, not just humanity. Scripture is our sacred duty as Christians. Its wisdom shows us all that we are and all that we can ever become. As Chrysostom said, “Paul has shown us what man really is.” 1

Participants in the Ephesus School will be offered an excellent biblical formation by highly qualified teachers. Please do not pass up this important opportunity. Give one hour a week to God for your children, honoring his generous provision for humanity, and the good fruit of his wisdom will continue to provide life in its due season.

Spread the Word and encourage others to consider this program.

In Christ,
Fr. Marc Boulos


  1. In Praise of St. Paul, Homily II

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