“My strongest recommendation in Christian education is to start with God’s Word for us.  “If that means reading Scripture together for the church school hour, God will bless that effort,” according to Fr. Marc Boulos of St. Elizabeth’s,OCA, Eagan, MN.  The more Scripture we read, the more we develop an ear for it, the more it pierces our hearts and minds, the more our souls are fed with the Bread of Life.  Encourage students to read Scripture daily with their families, with each other, or on their own.”

Hollie Benton

Teaching the Bible to Teens

“Our first duty pertains to the Bi­ble and its place in our lives. We live in a country where the Bible is held in high esteem and thus a great opportu­nity is offered us to witness for our faith. But how would we do that if we do not know what the Bible says? And how would we know the Bible if we do not read and study it? And how would we study it if we are not willing to dedicate hours, researching the biblical text and discussing it with our fellow Orthodox?”

V. Rev. Dr. Paul Nadim Tarazi

The Antiochian School of Biblical Exegesis



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