Interview with Fr. William Mills

William C. Mills specializes in scripture, spirituality, and ministry. He holds a Ph.D. in Pastoral Theology from the Union Institute and University in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is also the author of A 30 Day Retreat as well as numerous essays, and book reviews that have appeared in America Magazine, Congregation Magazine, Cistercian Studies Quarterly, Pro Ecclesia, Logos Journal, and Theological Studies. (Episode 1)



  1. I appreciate the Bible being taught in this direct way to children as well as adults. When my children were small (six of them) I read the Bible to them as a group, starting in Genesis. They weren’t aware that this material was too difficult for them (as some would say) and I didn’t tell them. Of course there were questions and comments that we explored and I didn’t have all the answers–still don’t. But my experience has been that when the Bible is taught as literature it frees people to explore rather than to be stuck in one particular narrow view that may short circuit thinking and questioning.

  2. Lots of great points in such a short interview! Dr. Benton’s question concerning any effect upon the parish from teaching scripture is an important one. Fr. Mills’ response was spot-on; his point about lay involvement is crucial for the life of the church. By analogy, the Dead Sea is dead precisely because it has no outlets, no circulation. As a lay biblical scholar and Orthodox theologian, I have found many priests too insecure to permit laity an opportunity to exercise their intellectual gifts beyond the occasional youth Sunday school class. Great podcast!

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